- Testimonials -

As a home school mom with my first child we faced many days of devastation and tears in the process of learning to read and write.  Finding Debbie and the Barton program were a huge answer to prayer after trying many curriculums and therapy.  Once we learned that Natalie was dyslexic and started the program we started to experience less frustration and many celebrations of development and success.  The Barton program has proven to be a great success not only with Natalie, but we are now using it with her siblings who are not dyslexic, but greatly benefiting from the program and working with Debbie.  She has been great support to our family.  We enjoy Debbie'sprofessional tutoring out of her home.  She is gracious with her time and offers helpful parental instruction so that we can work at home.  All three of our children look forward to their tutoring time.  It has been so encouraging to watch them learn and grow and be confident and able to work through their struggles.  Thank you Debbie and the Barton program.

The Snyder Family

"Hi Mrs. Service,  I just read The Champ.  Level 3. Love, Jason"

Barton has helped me learn simple spelling rules that make sense for spelling and decoding words. By learning the different syllables and rules of our language I have more confidence while spelling on tests and writing papers. - Alicia 

"Barton has helped me learn how to read and spell. My favorite Barton game is Don't Be Greedy."      -Peter Kruse

"I was never a good speller, my older sister on the other hand was always a very good speller. But ever since I started Barton I was able to spell words I never could before. And I was actually able to help my sister spell a word! Barton has definitely helped me to become a better speller."
-Rachel Kruse