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“If children can’t learn the way we teach, then we have to teach the way they learn”

– Ignacio Estrada

Discover the Benefits of a Reading and Writing Tutor in West Chester, PA

A reading and writing tutor has the unique opportunity to change a child’s life for the better. The ability to read and write is not only essential, but crucial for a child’s development. 

Additionally, not knowing how to read or write can negatively affect a child’s confidence and self-esteem. A proper reading and writing tutor gives a child the skills needed to succeed both in the classroom and beyond. 

Fundamentally, our tutors follow the instruction set forth by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). This is a natural segue after learning the spelling and reading skills through Barton. 

The IEW curriculum is the chosen method of instruction for parents and educators across the United States. Not only does it instill the most important ideals of learning in students, but allows them to enjoy themselves while doing so. 

The Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum utilized by Reading with Results is:

  • Enjoyable for students

  • Flexible and applicable to students in ranging aptitudes

  • A lifelong investment in our students and your children

  • Risk-free and ultimately life-improving

Enrolling your child into our tutoring programs with our qualified reading and writing tutors is the first step to any student’s success. Allow us to guide your child on his way to reading and writing proficiency.

Striving for Results: Our Reading and Writing Tutors’ Approach

Our reading and writing tutors at Reading With Results all use the same proven method of tutoring; the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Firstly, the Barton Reading and Spelling System begins with an introduction and lesson in phonemic awareness. Our tutors make sure every student understands the fundamental letter/sound combinations before anything else.

Additionally, the Barton Reading and Spelling System uses a simultaneous multi-sensory approach in order to engrain certain rules and principles. For kids with dyslexia, this approach is not only helpful but can be necessary for full comprehension.

Also, another principle practiced by our reading and writing tutors that falls under the Barton method is explicit instruction. Children with Dyslexia succeed best with clear and explicit instruction. Thus, we make this a priority in our lessons and teaching style.

Furthermore, a reading and writing tutor must rewire any bad habit developed by a child with dyslexia. Reinforcing phonemic awareness is the foundation of reading and spelling success. Going back to the basics is important when relearning how to read and write.

The Scope and Sequence of The Barton System are as such:

  1. Phonemic Awareness
  2. Consonants and Short Vowels
  3. Closed and Unit Syllables
  4. Multi-Syllable Words and Vowel Teams
  5. Prefixes and Suffixes
  6. Six Reasons for Silent “E”
  7. Vowel R’s
  8. Advanced Vowel Teams
  9. Influence of Foreign Language
  10. Latin Roots and Greek Combining Form

Fundamentally, the Barton Reading and Spelling system is both extensive and thorough. This research-backed method of learning to read and write is proven to be the most effective tutoring method available.

What is the Goal of our Tutors at Reading with Results?

Ultimately, the end-goal for your child is that they will leave our program with all of the skills necessary to succeed. Our reading and writing tutors are adamant on making this happen with each and every child. 

After a student completes all 10 levels of the program, they will be on a mid-ninth grade reading level. That means that a student can benefit from the program any time before the ninth grade, and other programs can be added or used as supplemental material in the following years.

Those who complete our tutoring program at Reading With Results leave with the tools essential for their academic and personal success. Connect with our team to learn how you can get started today.