Educational Tools for You

We strive to supply parents with the educational tools necessary to understand their child’s reading and writing development. To do so, we provide websites and literature that we believe will be helpful to you.

Fundamentally, these educational tools are here to benefit and meet the needs of your child. We have curated these resources according to what we feel will help with your child’s learning and development.

Here at Reading With Results, we value a child’s reading and writing development above all. We are dedicated to providing parents with the resources they need in order to improve their child’s educational experience.

Further, any reading or writing tutor through our program can direct you towards the best resources for your situation.

Ultimately, when you can help foster a child’s learning development, you change their lives for the better. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions regarding any of the following resources.

Educational Tools to Assist in Your Child’s Learning Journey

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

This website is run by Bright Solutions for Dyslexia which disseminates information about dyslexia and co-existing conditions. Along with this, they provide literature, seminars, and other educational tools to help you understand learning disorders.

A reading or writing tutor from Reading with Results can work alongside you to understand these solutions.  This educational tool is important for educating parents about their kids needs and conditions. This information makes it easier to understand how to help their child.

Handwriting Without Tears

Sadly, handwriting is falling out of popularity as technology dominates our lives and the classroom. Nevertheless, the ability to write properly is crucial for a person’s academic and personal development. 

This easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn curriculum makes handwriting mastery joyful for students and their teachers. They offer a multi-sensory, structured learning approach to mastering hand-writing and fostering your child’s development. 

As a child learns to write by hand, they gain the confidence they need to succeed. This is important to us at Reading With Results and especially through Handwriting Without Tears. 

Learning Ally

Learning Ally provides students with the educational tools needed for their reading development. Their approach is research-based, and students engage in a structured learning approach to reading. Any writing tutor from RwR can also convey how this assists in a child’s educational development. 

Truly, the educational tools kids receive from Learning Ally are invaluable. These strategies and skills will carry them through life and open up their lives to more opportunities. 

Plus, the ability to read is crucial for a child’s development both academically and personally. Reading improves their quality of life and allows them to be independent. 

Spelling Success

The ability to read and the ability to spell are not interchangeable. They are unique skills that are of equal importance.

When a child can write, they gain the ability to be creative and make their own statements. Hence, being able to spell makes a child a better reader, writer, and overall student.

Apart from their academic life, being a better speller allows children to excel in their lives at home and out in the world. Plus, the confidence they gain from being able to spell and write on their own is priceless. 

Spelling Success is a fun, adaptive way for children to learn how to spell. This website provides educational tools and products to make learning to spell easy and fun. 

Please, connect with our team if you have any questions about our educational resources.

Resource Books

Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

This book presents the decades-long research conducted by the National Institutes of Health regarding reading difficulties. It is comprehensive in scope and highly readable.

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence and Love of Learning by Ben Foss

The ADD Answer by Dr. Frank Lawlis

In The ADD Answer, Dr. Frank Lawlis draws upon his thirty-five years of experience as a clinical and research psychologist to show parents how they can reclaim their central role in healing their children with comprehensive step-by-step advice on dealing with the problems of ADD.

Additional Resources Resources

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