Featured Testimonials

Barton has helped me learn how to read and spell. My favorite Barton game is Don’t Be Greedy.

- Peter Kruse, Student

My son Connor struggled with reading and spelling in his early elementary years but we weren’t too concerned until 4th grade when we began to realize how far behind he was falling. After one and a half years of reading support we were disappointed to find out that he had made very little progress. On top of that, Connor’s self confidence and self esteem was so low, he repeatedly told us how much he hated school, and wondered why he worked so hard and he still “couldn’t read.” After 7 months of tutoring with Reading With Results I am totally confident in the process and the results, both currently and for the future. Connor has progressed more in that time than the 15 months of traditional reading support.

- Amanda, Parent

Barton has helped me learn simple spelling rules that make sense for spelling and decoding words. By learning the different syllables and rules of our language I have more confidence while spelling on tests and writing papers.

- Alicia, Student

Hi Mrs. Service, I just read The Champ. Level 3.

- Jason, Student

To see the improvement in our son’s reading and writing ability over the past year has been remarkable! Thanks to Debbie Service and her highly knowledgeable Reading with Results team, our son is now able to read and write in complete sentences. We are beyond grateful for the hard work and dedication that the Reading with Results team has poured into helping our son improve his reading and writing skills. Debbie was instrumental in not only providing my son with the appropriate reading program but furthermore for guiding my husband and I through the process of seeking a diagnosis for our son’s learning difference. Debbie also offered guidance and assisted my husband and I select a school for our son that would be able to provide adequate and appropriate accommodations given his learning difference.

- Erika Curtis, Parent

My son is improving with his reading, he is able to sound words out more easily. He has an increased interest in reading now too!

- Diana Bienick, Parent

Both of my boys have become more confident in reading– all aspects involved. It’s been a joy to see them develop and grow in this area. Also, they have both been positively impacted by the relationships they’ve developed with Deb, Barb, and Melissa. We are so thankful for what RWR has provided for our boys– not just in reading, but in connecting and learning with others.

- Allison Diller, Parent

I wanted to quit tutoring because it was so hard at first. But now I am glad I stuck with it. I now can read and spell three syllable words.

- Paige Comstock, Student

I was never a good speller, my older sister on the other hand was always a very good speller. But ever since I started Barton I was able to spell words I never could before. And I was actually able to help my sister spell a word! Barton has definitely helped me to become a better speller.

- Rachel Kruse, Student

As an older student, before I started Barton, spelling was difficult. I needed my mother’s help for the simplest words. Reading was challenging too. Many times I had to ask my mom to help me with unknown words or I would just skip over them. Many times I would have to go back and reread. Now that I have been working with a Barton tutor, Mrs. Keeler, I have more confidence in my ability to spell and read on my own. My spelling rules have greatly increased my confidence. Occasionally, I have a chance to teach my mom and siblings the spelling rules.

- Ella, Student

Two years ago, I wasn’t sure if we should start this program. Dyslexia was definitely slowing Jonah down but it wasn’t completely debilitating. I wondered if maybe things would correct themselves…. we weren’t seeing improvement, but maybe we would. I am so glad we decided to do this because Jonah has gained so much- confidence, love for reading, support, tools and some really great relationships with some super encouraging adults.

- Daisy-Marie Isler, Parent

If you have concerns about your child and the teacher tells you ‘Don’t worry he/she is progressing’. Don’t wait for your child to progress, call Debbie and her team and get RESULTS! We started seeing an immediate change in Janie’s confidence in reading within months of her working with Debbie Service”
“My husband and I had concerns with Janie and the school kept reassuring us ‘don’t worry, she is progressing’. We were tired of waiting for progression. We wanted results! Debbie Service and her team provide results, which in turn, lead to confidence in Jane almost immediately.

- Katie Havalchak, Parent

When my child sat down and read a book to me that was at an age 12-17 age level I had to keep from crying. Only two months after she started tutoring? And she was so beautifully confident. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I’m beginning to see her blossom and enjoy reading and love herself more bcs she doesn’t feel “stupid” this has been a game changer for our lives.

- Sonja Davis, Parent

We are extremely satisfied. Paige has grown so much confidence and has learned to advocate for herself in a way that I truly believe is a testament to what she has learned from Debbie Service, and the Reading With Results family. The fact that she has gone from a hesitant reader, saying that she can’t read….to asking to buy books and bring books of her own choice on vacation to read, is a wonderful improvement. Additionally in the 2.5/3 years we have been with RWR Paige went from being 2 years behind grade level, in reading, to being ON Grade level and basically “testing out” of needing an IEP. We are so thankful that we found RWR and Debbie Service. As an educator myself, I too have learned from the process. We could not be happier with where we are 🙂

- Michel Comstock, Parent