Summer Tutoring

Summer Tutoring to Help Any Student Get Ahead | Chester County PA

The summer is a time for kids to unwind, relax, and enjoy themselves. However, summer tutoring is a great opportunity for children to develop strategies and techniques to get ahead in their education.

Because their brain is unencumbered with other information, they can more easily apply their attention to summer tutoring.

Our Services For Summer Tutoring

Don’t let your student fall behind over the summer. Our summer tutoring sessions include:

  • one-on-one tutoring with each student

  • multisensory instruction

  • decoding and encoding skill building

  • handwriting practice

  • reading comprehension improvement

The Barton Reading And Spelling Program

Reading tutors utilize various methods to promote reading and writing development. While there are many programs out there, we prefer to use a program backed by science and considered to be the most effective.

The Barton program was developed by Susan Barton, an internationally recognized expert in dyslexia. Hence, the Barton Reading and Spelling Program is used all across the United States and internationally. This program has been researched and implemented in a variety of educational settings.