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Dyslexia tutoring can have a major positive impact on the life and education of a child. A child who struggles with dyslexia can have trouble with parts of their life outside of the classroom as well.

Additionally, the benefits of dyslexia tutoring are endless. Three main benefits of dyslexia tutoring consist of:

Boosting confidence and self-esteem

Improvement in academics (specifically reading, writing, and spelling)

Providing the proper tools and resources to solve problems

While these are just a few of the perks that come with dyslexia tutoring, there are many more lasting benefits. Dyslexia tutoring can be the first step in changing a child’s life for the better.

Confidence and Self Esteem

In life and in the classroom, confidence and self-esteem are important. When a child is confident, they are more likely to be more successful, outgoing, playful, and overall happier.

Furthermore, dyslexia tutoring can give children the confidence and self-esteem boost they need to succeed. When a child cannot read or write well, they can develop a lack of self-confidence.

Moreover, it’s important to us at Reading with Results that we make every child feel good enough and worthwhile. This all comes down to working with the child’s weaknesses and their strengths.


While the emotional value a dyslexia tutor has on a student is important to us, we also want to stress the importance of academics. We want to be able to provide the tools necessary so a child will not struggle in the classroom.

Additionally, we recognize how important academics are in the life of a child. Children spend much of their lives in a classroom so it should be a place of comfort.

Furthermore, when the classroom is comfortable for a child, they are more likely to be more enthusiastic about education in general. This is yet another easy dyslexia tutoring can benefit a child’s life.

Problem Solving Skills

Like mentioned above, we at Reading with Results aim to provide children with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in life. Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary to navigating life and academia.

Moreover, these problem solving skills are universal ones. They can be carried over from the classroom to sports, to hobbies, to everyday life.

When a child can problem solve, they develop a sense of independence which will boost their self-esteem. Giving a child the ability to be self-sufficient is at the heart of our mission at Reading with Results.

Join Us

Allow us to help you take the steps necessary to improve your child’s life. Dyslexia tutoring can be a powerful tool in the process of improving one’s academic life and emotional stability.

Additionally, our team at Reading with Results is dedicated to the central mission of improving a child’s life through the education of reading and writing. Every tutor at Reading with Results is held to a high standard and truly cares about a student’s well being.

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