How to Test Your Child for Dyslexia

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Tutoring

When the signs become obvious that your child is struggling in school for many reasons, one solution is to test your child for Dyslexia. 

Our informative blog posts and services at Reading With Results are what you need to find out how to help them. Moreover, we offer Dyslexia screenings and tutors to get them back on track and doing better in school.

Truthfully, many children suffer from Dyslexia, so know the signs and catch it early on. The faster they get on track, the more they succeed in school.

Continue reading to learn more about Dyslexia testing.

Know the Signs of Struggle

If you know the signs of a child struggling from a learning disability, the more help you offer them. Plus, receiving a diagnosis early on in their education makes for an easier time in the future.

Additionally, they stay up to date in school and don’t fall behind due to undiagnosed troubles. Your child is frustrated. So, we don’t want to make learning any harder by letting them suffer without support.

Listed below are some common signs of struggle as a small child:

  • Slow to learning new words

  • Issues remembering the alphabet, colors, and numbers

  • Often switching words or letters when speaking

Then, when your child starts school, Dyslexia signs become more visible.

These include:

  • Issues with spelling and reading at their age level

  • Issues with processing verbally spoken words

  • Issues with understanding word and letter sequences

  • Issues with pronunciation

  • Issues with finding the correct sequence of words when responding or asking questions

Often, Dyslexia remains unidentified into teen and adult years. By learning the previous lists of signs, you can stop your child from future education problems.

Additionally, as your child becomes an adult, their symptoms may change. This means there are either more or less visible symptoms of Dyslexia. 

Get In Contact to Test Your Child For Dyslexia

After analyzing possible symptoms, get in contact with Reading With Results so we can help test your child for Dyslexia. 

We offer two Dyslexia screening options to test your child. The first option is a consultation, while the second option is more in depth. Both of these let your child get started with the help they need.

Each kid comes to us with different needs. Therefore, our professional tutors are trained to aid them on their learning journeys in any way possible.

Contact us today for a consultation!

Start Your Child’s Journey at Reading With Results

After screening completion, it’s time to get started with tutoring at Reading With Results. The best path to offer more guidance for children with Dyslexia is tutoring and extra support.

Unfortunately, certain kids may not receive the additional care they require in schools. That’s why Reading With Results exists to make sure they continue to advance.

Learning with Dyslexia remains a struggle all their lives, but early intervention helps prevent more hardships as they continue their education.

Remember, learning is always possible when you support your child and give them resources like us.

So, reach out today to begin tutoring!


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