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by | May 23, 2022 | Tutoring

If you think there may be a reason why your child is struggling in school, get tested for dyslexia at Reading With Results.

Our professional, experienced team of tutors can help you and your child get to the root of what’s troubling them. There are many signs of dyslexia throughout their childhood, but catching it early is key.

Firstly, we offer screening options to discern whether your child has dyslexia or not. Next, we offer our tutoring services to administer proper reading strategies.

Our goal is to make sure every child gets the aid they deserve to do well in school and beyond.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, continue reading.

Is Your Child Showing Signs of Dyslexia?

Indeed, there are many ways to tell at all grade levels if your child is struggling with dyslexia. Knowing the signs of dyslexia is difficult, but our trained staff are here for you.

At preschool age, some signs include:

  • Trouble learning nursery rhymes

  • Trouble learning the alphabet

  • Not understanding rhyming patterns such as “bat” and “cat”

At kindergarten and first grade, some signs include:

  • Unable to sound out simple words

  • Cannot associate letters with their sounds

  • Complaining that reading is difficult

However, these children are often eager to learn new ideas, understand the gist of concepts being taught, and have a strong imagination.

From second grade to high school, some signs include:

  • Poor spelling and reading skills

  • Using vague language when they can’t think of the specific word such as “thing” or “stuff”

  • Trouble remembering dates, telephone numbers, and random lists

  • Trouble taking tests or doing homework

However, these kids understand what is being read aloud to them and excel in other areas like math or history.

These signs are one of many examples of what dyslexia could look like in your child.

Children with Dyslexia and Schooling

Every day, children with undiagnosed dyslexia pass under the radar of teachers. Yet, they are not to blame.

Again, it is difficult to know the signs of dyslexia and be able to identify it. Additionally, teachers may not have the capabilities to accommodate students with learning disabilities due to their large class number.

Therefore, those diagnosed with learning disabilities require extra help at school such as teaching aids or disability accommodations. Teachers are often unable to provide one on one tutoring sessions.

That is why Reading With Results exists: to help tutor kids who have trouble reading and writing and to prepare them for the world.

Screening Options Offered by Reading With Results

Reading With Results offers two screening options to determine if your child matches with the dyslexia profile. 

Even if they do not have dyslexia, our tutoring sessions will undoubtedly help with any reading and spelling struggles.

Screening option one is a consultation to determine a diagnosis face to face. Meanwhile, screen option two is a consultation and in-depth analysis report of your child and their diagnosis. 

Connect with us today to learn more about these screenings.

Test Your Child Today

If you believe your child is struggling with a learning disability such as dyslexia, Reading With Results can help you get tested today.

There are many signs of dyslexia, and our professional staff is trained to recognize and help. No matter if they have dyslexia or not, we offer excellent sessions to improve your child’s wellbeing.

If you are interested in screening your child for their possible diagnosis or signing up for tutoring sessions, contact us today.


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