How Barton Reading and Spelling System Works

by | May 23, 2022 | Tutoring

As the most advanced and detailed method of tutoring of any Orton Gillingham System, Reading With Results uses the Barton Reading and Spelling System to show proven results in kids with learning disabilities.

What is the Barton Reading and Spelling System? Since 1998, Susan Barton’s organized way of learning has helped hundreds of children receive quality aid for their reading, spelling, and writing struggles.

All staff at Reading With Results are Barton certified and swear by the way it helps kids improve not only their reading, but their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Barton Reading and Spelling System works, continue reading. 

The Roadmap of the Barton System

The Barton system is a 10 level program that uses multi-sensory, direct, and structured methods to ensure learners understand every concept in depth. 

Each level is completed one at a time. Additionally, the program comes with DVDs, manuals, color-coded tiles, and anything else your child needs to succeed.

The sequence of levels includes:

  1. Phonemic Awareness

  2. Consonants & Short Vowels

  3. Closed Syllables & Units

  4. Syllable Division & Vowel Teams

  5. Prefixes & Suffixes

  6. Six Reasons for Silent-E

  7. Vowel-R Syllables

  8. Advanced Vowel Teams

  9. Influences of Foreign Language

  10. Greek Words & Latin Roots

Each of these levels is broken down into lessons that provide precise teachings of letters and words so that students can understand them easily. 

In addition to teaching reading and spelling, our tutors teach prosody and grammar, which works to improve their reading and grow their vocabulary by teaching morphology. 

Overview of Reading With Results Processes

Reading With Results focuses in depth on each lesson plan for the level as it is very important to follow along and make sure students fully understand the concepts.

The first step of learning is to teach learners how to listen to a single word or syllable and break it into individual phonemes.

Next, learners are taught which sounds are represented by which letter(s), and how to blend those letters into single-syllable words. Students also need to be taught rules and probabilities of the English language, such as the sound of /J/ at the end of a word that can be spelled GE or DGE.

Then, roots and affixes, as well as morphology are taught to expand a student’s vocabulary and  their ability to comprehend and spell unfamiliar words. 

A brief look into our teaching process includes:

  • Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction- Research has shown that dyslexic people who use all of their senses when learning are better able to store and retrieve the information.

  • Intense Instruction with Ample Practice- Instruction for dyslexic students must be much more  intense, and offer much more practice, than for regular readers. 

  • Direct, Explicit Instruction- Dyslexic students must be taught, directly and explicitly, each and every rule that governs our written words, one rule at a time.

  • Systematic and Cumulative- As dyslexic learners are confused by the English language, we go back to the very beginning and create a solid foundation of understanding.

  • Diagnostic Teaching- Our tutors assess a student’s understanding and ability to apply the rules. We ensure that students aren’t simply recognizing a pattern and blindly applying it. When confusion of a previously-taught rule is discovered, we reteach it.

All of these strategies, methods, and more are used to give your child the best education possible so they can use their skills to cope and succeed in school and beyond.

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