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by | Jan 12, 2021 | Tutoring

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Reading tutoring is much more than simply learning how to read the words on a page. Although this is, of course, an important aspect, there is much more to be appreciated.

At Reading with Results, reading tutoring is something that we do every day. With the confidence that a student gains through our reading tutoring programs, we have watched students excel elsewhere.

So, are you ready to dive in? In our experience, here are three major benefits that students experience from reading tutoring.

Reading Tutoring Enhances Communication Skills

Reading tutoring does more than simply make kids better readers – it makes them better communicators in general. 

By being able to read words from a page, a student can get a more comprehensive view of other viewpoints. Further, our students often find that they are able to express themselves more fully than before.

While reading tutoring isn’t the only way to achieve this, we have found that it’s certainly true after a few sessions with our kids. 

Further, the verbal communication of our students is more comprehensive, and between the new reading skills and overall confidence, our students are much more willing to share ideas. 

What’s the next major benefit?

Reading Leads to Stress Reduction

Reading tutoring has taught us a lot of different things, but this is definitely a big one. We have found that kids that go through our reading tutoring program actually experience a lot of stress reduction.

Now, this could be rooting in a couple different places. First of all, there is simply a lot of stress and pressure inherently in the reading process and learning how to do it effectively. Students can get frustrated, upset, and extremely anxious if they’re struggling.

Sometimes, that’s due to an actual disorder, or other times it’s just harder for some students compared to others. No matter the reason, a reading tutor can help work that out. 

In any case, reading can then become an outlet for students when they become stressed to sit and read a book. Heck, some adults do that, too. For kids, it can inspire imagination, and learning beyond the book – which brings us to our final point.

Readers Are Lifelong Learners

Reading tutoring creates lifelong learners! This, of course, is the biggest impact that reading tutors can have on kids.

When you give a child the opportunity to read, suddenly a world of opportunity is available to them. They are able to spark their curiosity and dive into a new book whenever they please.

Before reading tutoring, we witness that there are a lot of kids with interests but they can be stunted in their exploration. Whether through embarrassment or lack of ability, there is no excuse for this!

At Reading with Results, we are inspired by creating lifelong learners. Our tutors are inspired every day by the work that the students put in within the classrooms, and how much they do learn! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Reading with Results, connect with our team today!


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