Barton Reading & Spelling System VS. Wilson Reading System

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Two key pathways for learning are the Barton Reading and Spelling System and the Wilson Reading System. Both methods of teaching are adept at helping children and adults conquer their literacy troubles.

These systems focus on multi-sensory instruction. Ultimately, their goal by the end of the program is for students to gain more skills and feel at ease with learning.

By practicing with more than just one sense, research has proven that children and adults with dyslexia or learning disabilities learn better when involving all five senses.

Continue reading for more in depth comparisons regarding Barton Reading and Spelling and the Wilson Reading System.

How the Barton Reading and Spelling System Works

Designed to be a tutoring system for all ages, Barton Reading and Spelling aims to help those who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling. Whether a child needs extra practice or a teenager is diagnosed with dyslexia, Barton is a smart choice.

At Reading With Results, we believe in using the Barton Reading and Spelling System to help our clients succeed. Not to mention, Barton has flourished since 1998 to reach people of all ages.

The program intends to improve skills no matter how old a student is or if they have a learning disability. Inclusion is key.

There are 10 learning levels listed below:

  1. Phonemic Awareness

  2. Consonants and Short Vowels

  3. Closed Syllables and Units

  4. Syllable Division and Vowel Teams

  5. Prefixes and Suffixes

  6. Six Reasons for Silent E

  7. Vowel R Syllables

  8. Advanced Vowel Teams

  9. Influences of Foreign Languages

  10. Greek Words and Latin Roots

With these ten sequences, material will be learned more easily for everyone. Plus, while the Wilson Reading System incorporates similar sequences, Barton dives deeper.

This system is structured and hands-on, created specifically to make reading, writing, and spelling adhere to struggling minds more effectively.

For example, by the stage of syllable division, tutors at Reading With Results implement a strategy involving colored tiles. As proven by the Barton Reading and Spelling System, these tiles help students distinguish letters easier.

Both Barton and Wilson recommend these systems be taught in small groups to ensure maximum knowledge absorbency.

Each program has slightly differing methods, but their motives are clear: offer help to those who need it. Check out Barton Reading’s website to learn more.

How the Wilson Reading System Works

Again, both systems work well for accomplishing reading goals, but the Wilson Reading System works slightly different.

The main philosophy quoted from their website reads “Literacy For All.” Barton and Wilson have been dedicated since their beginnings to boost reading comprehension.

Directed towards children in grades 2-12 as well as adults, Wilson also uses multi-sensory techniques as previously mentioned.

This system stresses correction and feedback in the moment so students learn the correct grammar, spelling, or pronunciation immediately.

With research-backed methods, Wilson Reading System is the base for the rest of their programs. First, younger kids in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade use their Fundations method.

Next, those in grades 4-12 and adults use the Just Words program. However, all programs lead back to the original Wilson System.

Wilson incorporates a similar 10 step sequence as the Barton Reading and Spelling System, but this program is more lesson-plan based. While they teach in small groups and one-on-one sessions, Wilson is also used in larger classes.

Here at Reading With Results, we trust the one-on-one sessions as they are more effective.

More information to come on comparing these two systems.

The Benefits of Tutoring When Using a Research-Based System

So, what are the benefits of using a research-based system such as Barton Reading and Spelling or Wilson Reading?

Barton Reading is approved by the California Board of Education and states beyond, and matches requirements for the “No Child Left Behind Act.”

Barton is dedicated to ensuring that any child or adult with dyslexia gets the help they need. Wilson Reading also strives for a future that involves reading for all.

Neither program wishes to see someone struggle with reading and writing. There are hundreds of teachers and tutors like here at Reading With Results who are committed to this cause.

Tutoring uses Barton or Wilson offers relief to those struggling by sharpening literacy skills and boosting confidence by the end of their programs. Succeeding and feeling comfortable at a reading level is essential.

Connect with Reading With Results for Help Today

When you choose Reading With Results, you know that succeeding in the classroom or at home is possible. Furthermore, the aid of either Barton Reading and Writing or Wilson Reading guarantees excellence.

In agreement with the Wilson Reading System, literacy for all is indeed the goal when you work with our tutors.

Our tutors are also knowledgeable with the great effects of the Barton Reading and Spelling System, so connect with us on our website today to start your learning journey.


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