Why Barton Tutor Support is Necessary for Kids

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At Reading With Results, we believe that Barton Tutor Support is necessary for your child to succeed. Whether you’re at home, in the classroom, or in daily life, Barton helps prepare kids for beyond.

Our professional tutors use the Barton Reading and Spelling System as a way to help kids stay on track and accountable.

There are many reasons why Barton is a trusted tutoring system. First, it’s a research backed method which has proven results. Next, the organization of its levels helps your child stay on track and not become overwhelmed.

And finally, Barton secures your child’s future after completion. 

Read on to learn more about how helpful this system is!

Barton Tutor Support: Research Backed

One reason why we trust Barton Tutor Support to teach your children is because it is research backed. For years, students were tested and analyzed to see how well they improved while using the Barton method.

In conclusion, the results were phenomenal with happy children and parents all around. Students know how challenging and frustrating spelling, reading, and writing can be with Dyslexia.

But, with time and effort, Barton Reading and Spelling helped these kids enhance their literary skills. Reviews on the Barton website reveal how satisfied parents are while watching their children make advances in either homeschooling or in the classroom.

Results are proven to show that Barton Tutor Support is an excellent choice for your child. Learning disabilities are difficult, but these methods are built to improve kids’ literary skills.

Organization is Key with Barton Tutor Support

Staying organized and on track is the focal point of learning with Barton Reading and Spelling. Susan Barton herself designed the ten level program to maintain structure and continuity.

These steps range between learning about consonants, to prefixes and suffixes, to Greek words and Latin roots. Plus, all of these steps have been carefully put together to ensure the best outcome for every learner. 

Each level lesson plan comes with:

  • Tutor training DVD, also available online

  • Tutor manuals with lesson plans

  • Letter tiles that are color-coded

All students start at Level 1 to make sure they can comprehend and understand the future parts of the lesson plans. Our policy at Reading With Results is to teach students one on one as we believe it provides maximum knowledge absorbency.

Students learn better one on one and they learn better with Barton.

Secure Their Future at Reading With Results 

Reading With Results takes pride in knowing that we can help your child prepare for the future with our tutoring methods.

We understand the difficulties of comprehension with a learning disability. That’s why we use the Barton Tutor Support system to solidify your child’s literacy skills.

Moreover, watch your kid come to life when they realize what they are capable of!

After completion of the Barton Reading and Spelling system, students will feel more at ease with learning and be able to thrive.

We encourage you to reach out to us today to schedule your tutoring appointment.

Connect with Reading With Results

Reading With Results wants your child to feel confident and ready to take on the world. To do that, we use Barton Tutor Support.

Barton Tutor Support is a research based method that is proven to show results. In addition to that, its organized steps make sure your child stays on track and is not overwhelmed while learning.

Finally, Barton secures a successful future for your child. So, contact us today to get started!


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