Your Private Tutor in West Chester

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Your Private Tutor in West Chester

Searching for a private tutor in West Chester? Reading With Results hires the most qualified tutors to suit your child’s needs. 

Tutoring is full of lifelong, beneficial skills that your child will use every day. Ultimately, there are no downsides in providing private tutoring sessions alongside regular school.

Whether your child requires extra practice or has a learning disability, our tutors assess and determines what would help them best.

With qualifications and research-backed tutoring methods, it’s hard to pass up the chance to improve your child’s way of life. 

Continue reading to learn more about what tutoring offers.

Qualified Teachers for Your Child

Reading With Results takes pride in employing qualified tutors who care for your child. Furthermore, many already have a background in teaching or helping children with their education.

Our tutors know how to work with students who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or ADD/ADHD, which make learning difficult.

Following instruction from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), our tutors maintain regulated programs for tutoring.

Meaning, each program and method used during tutoring sessions is proven to show results in your child’s learning.

The IEW is chosen by parents and teachers because of how much it helps children in their academic studies. Indeed, it’s enjoyable for tutors to teach and students to learn.

Additionally, this investment has zero risks and a great success rate. Fundamentally, there are no downsides in choosing to find a private tutor in West Chester.

Our qualified reading and writing tutors have years of experience in finding what works best for kids. These methods are researched, thus showing growth in the lives of your children.

Research-Backed Tutoring Methods

Utilizing research-backed tutoring methods is the best way for kids to really comprehend the tools and skills we give them.

The main method is the Orton-Gillingham Approach. Two reliable teaching methods within that are:

Both programs use Orton-Gillingham’s multi-sensory, structured way of tutoring those with learning disabilities.

Reading With Results tutors are fully certified in Barton Reading & Spelling. Therefore, this is our preferred, proven method of tutoring. Since 1998, Barton has helped thousands of kids learn how to manage their learning disabilities.

Time and time again, parents and teachers rave about Barton for its simple and fun ways of learning. The 10 level course is fully organized and comes with necessary tools for children to stay busy with their hands.

So, if you want to see your child feel confident when they understand what they’re learning, join us at Reading With Results.

Get Started with a Private Tutor in West Chester

Give your child the aid they deserve with a private tutor in West Chester. 

Reading With Results employs qualified, caring tutors that want to see your child succeed. After all, we understand how difficult life is with a learning disability. That’s why you benefit from starting now.

Truly, there are no downsides to tutoring. Find a private tutor, change a life today. 

In short, if you’re interested in trying our free demo, leave us a message on our page.


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