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by | Jul 27, 2022 | Tutoring

Reading With Results provides professional, qualified reading tutors in Chester County to help your child improve in the classroom and beyond.

Located in West Chester, our tutors take their jobs seriously because they know how important it is to a child and their parents. There are many reasons why children of all ages need tutoring in reading, spelling, and writing.

While it may seem daunting and, at times, unwanted, tutoring makes a difference. 

Furthermore, Reading With Results can help children with learning disabilities such as 

Dyslexia. Our proven methods of tutoring have helped hundreds of kids throughout the Chester County area.

Committing to tutoring is life changing and without harm! Is your child ready to get started today? Learn more about our services below.

Tutoring Services That Show Change

While there are many types of tutoring available, our tutoring services have shown proven results that children are receiving the care and attention they deserve.

Many children who struggle with reading skills may feel that they are “not smart enough” or “capable” of learning. However, tutoring helps instill a sense of confidence and assuredness. Reading is essential in life, but it can also bring joy as well.

Our tutors have seen firsthand the effort and dedication these kids put into their sessions. They don’t give up and neither do we!

Some of these life changing services include:

  • Summer tutoring: Get ahead of the game by signing students up for summer tutoring. It helps to not only keep ideas fresh in their minds, but to prepare them for the upcoming school year. It’s a better time for focus.

  • One on one tutoring: Truly, we believe that one on one tutoring helps students more than group tutoring. Group tutoring is similar to the classroom that kids may struggle in, but one on one ensures that the single student is the center of attention. They can ask more questions and feel unafraid to make mistakes.

  • Speech therapy: Great communication is a key part of a child’s learning. We can help your child reach speaking milestones and goals through our research-backed techniques.

  • Online sessions: Don’t want to do in-person tutoring sessions? Don’t worry, we also offer virtual tutoring so your child can learn through the comfort of their home. Yes, we’ll do anything to help your child succeed.

  • Dyslexia screening: Our reading tutors in Chester County are certified to aid kids with learning disabilities like Dyslexia. That’s why we offer Dyslexia screening options to figure out if your child needs to be diagnosed.

Over the years, Reading With Results has helped numerous children who believed they wouldn’t be able to succeed in the classroom. Yet, it’s through the determination of the children and support of parents, tutors, and teachers that to make it possible.

Connect with Professionals Today

Based in West Chester, Reading With Results hires qualified teachers and tutors with years of experience in making a change. Indeed, we only want the best for our future generations which is why we take tutoring seriously.

Through tutoring, kids learn to express themselves, find confidence in the classroom, and can set goals for themselves in life. Truly, tutoring is a game changer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Reading With Results, connect with us today


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