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by | Jul 27, 2022 | Tutoring

Reading With Results in West Chester offers tutoring services for elementary students. In the early years, tutoring has extremely helpful benefits for a child’s future.

Elementary tutoring not only impacts their current education, but also sets them up for success in middle school, high school, and beyond. The important part is catching that your child is struggling with learning and get them started with consecutive sessions.

Staying constant is key to maintaining what they learn through tutoring.

Do you notice that your child is behind with reading and spelling? Do they become frustrated with school work easily?

These may be some signs that tutoring can help. Honestly, we believe that tutoring can only help your child thrive and there are no downsides to getting them the help they need.

Taking care of their education ensures a bright future and a confident kid! Want to learn more about our tutoring services for elementary students? Continue reading below.

Programs Built for Kids

Kids, especially elementary school aged-kids, need programs built specifically for them so they can focus and learn to the best of their abilities.

Young children who need tutoring may be struggling with Dyslexia or are behind in school, so Reading With Results makes sure that our tutoring sessions are both enjoyable and educational. In order for a child to learn, they need to pay attention.

We know that sitting in a classroom can already be hard for them, which is why we put forth our best efforts in tutoring to keep their attention.

Some of the methods we use include:

  • Multi-sensory techniques such as touching, seeing, hearing

  • Blocks, tiles, and more when the Barton Reading and Spelling System is utilized

  • Different instructional strategies that expose students to different ways of learning

  • One on one instruction which allows kids to not feel rushed and they can learn at their own pace

  • Logic to learning, meaning that if a child can connect logic to learning methods, then they are more likely to remember the concept

Furthermore, we design every program to fit each child’s needs because what may work for one child does not necessarily work for another.

These methods are capable of being tweaked and changed in order to fit each level of learning. Everything we incorporate into our tutoring sessions ensures the success of your child!

Services Available for Your Child

Tutoring services for elementary students can be a powerful tool to help them develop critical reading and writing skills.

Though some children may be frustrated or put off by the idea of tutoring, we make it worthwhile so they no longer feel this way. Therefore, we encourage parents to sign their child up for one to two sessions a week in order for kids to fully grasp concepts and not forget them over the course of time.

Instilling consistency and commitment to learning not only helps them during tutoring sessions, but also helps them when they study later in life.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • One on one tutoring

  • Virtual tutoring sessions

  • Summer Tutoring

  • Dyslexia screening

  • Speech Therapy

  • And more!

Choosing what works best for your child makes them more likely to succeed and enjoy the process of feeling confident while learning.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

If you want to see a difference in your child, then contact Reading With Results for tutoring services for elementary students.

We want to help your child thrive in the classroom and in life! Leave us a message today


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