What Does A Dyslexia Test Look Like?

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Dyslexia

If you think that you or your child may be experiencing dyslexia, it’s important to get tested in order to find out for sure. Dyslexia can be a severe impairment that interferes with learning and communicating. The sooner you know about dyslexia, the easier it is to tutor and correct it.

When taking a dyslexia test, there are several different types of exams that you or your child may go through. In this quick read, we’ll look at a few different types of dyslexia tests, and what they’ll determine for your or your child.

Phonological Awareness

In this specific dyslexia test, you or your child are being examined on your ability to isolate and work with different sounds. The evaluator will ask the participant to blend different sounds and segment words so that only select sounds are being pronounced.

This type of dyslexia test is important because phonological awareness is the foundation of our reading skills. If we don’t understand how different letters make different sounds, reading becomes difficult. If you or your child struggle with this examination, it may be an indicator of dyslexia.

Test of Word Reading Efficiency – 2 (TOWRE-2)

This dyslexia test challenges the participant’s ability to decode words quickly and accurately, as well as recognize familiar words. For example, the evaluator will read aloud both fake words and real words. The participant then will be tasked with decoding fake words and recognizing real ones.

This test allows the examiner to identify whether the participant has an understanding of the sounds that we match to our written letters. If the participant struggles with this examination, it may also be a sign of dyslexia.

Gray Oral Reading Test – 5 (GORT-5)

During this dyslexia test, the participant is challenged to read a paragraph aloud and explain what was read. After the paragraph has been read, the participant is asked to answer multiple choice and open-ended questions regarding the content in the paragraph.

These types of examinations are especially important because it allows the evaluator to accurately gauge how the participant would read outside of this situation. This test also evaluates reading comprehension, another foundation on which reading is built upon. If you or your child struggles with reading aloud or understanding what you’re reading, you may be struggling with dyslexia.

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Here at Reading With Results, we believe that it’s important to address dyslexia from an early age. That’s why we offer multiple different types of dyslexia tests and screenings. When we understand what a student is struggling with, it allows us to come up with the best suited learning plan for that particular student.

When a student has a learning plan that is tailored to them, they’re more likely to succeed. Especially those with dyslexia. 
Don’t wait to find out if you or your child is dyslexic. Come get screened at Reading With Results. To start the screening or tutoring process, contact us today!


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