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by | Mar 8, 2021 | Tutoring

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What does Dyslexia Reading Specialist Do?

A dyslexia reading specialist can make all of the difference in the development of a child. Giving someone the skills and resources required to succeed in school and life if priceless.

So what does a dyslexia reading specialist do? While there are a multitude of jobs that a reading specialist is tasked with, they can generally be broken down into:

  • 1:1 tutoring with student

  • Providing multiple reading and writing tools and resources

  • Fostering beneficial reading and writing habits

  • Introduce decoding (sounding out words)

  • Working with reading comprehension

  • Much more

Additionally, all of these jobs teach the necessary tools for reading and writing success. The benefits of learning these skills however go beyond the classroom.

The Benefits of a Dyslexia Reading Specialist

The benefits of a dyslexia reading specialist are absolutely endless. From advancement in an academic setting to prosperity in life, a dyslexia reading specialist can better a child’s life significantly.

Additionally, the list of benefits for a reading specialist go on and on but typically include:

  • Increased confidence

  • Boosts in self-esteem

  • Better equipped for academic life

  • The ability to problem solve when reading and writing

  • Much more

Furthermore a skill such as reading and writing may be taken for granted by many, but to someone who struggles with it can be frustrating. Bettering a child’s life through tutoring with a dyslexia reading specialist will be something he or she will be able to take throughout their entire lives.

How to tell if Your Child Needs a Dyslexia Reading Specialist

Companies like Reading with Results offer insights into figuring out if your child may need a dyslexia reading specialist. First and foremost, getting your child diagnosed is the first important step.

Moreover, knowing what signs to look for in your child’s learning development is crucial. In young children of preschool age, one should looks for:

  • Difficulty remembering nursery rhymes

  • Unable to recognize letter in their own name

  • No sense understanding rhyming patterns

  • Other difficulties surrounding remembering the alphabet

  • In older children, one should look for:

  • Very slow acquisition of reading skills

  • Avoidance of reading out loud

  • Has trouble thinking of the right word to use when speaking

  • Confuses words that sound or look alike

  • Messy handwriting

  • Poor spelling

While these signs of dyslexia are not the only signs, they are key indicators to warrant possible testing. A dyslexia reading specialist is able to recognize these weaknesses and develop strategies for a child or young adult.

How to Get Started Finding a Dyslexia Reading Specialist

When it comes to finding a tutor to best suit your child’s reading and writing needs, you must consider the severity of the problem. Reading and writing tutors offer a whole different skill set than something like a science or math tutor.

Furthermore, once you have confirmed your child has dyslexia, there are methods used by professionals to facilitate learning to read and write. This is why a dyslexia reading specialist is so valuable.

Any questions about our reading specialists? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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