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by | May 4, 2021 | Tutoring

Noticing the signs of dyslexia in children can be difficult to the untrained person. With a service like Reading with Results in Chester County, the process is much simpler.

Furthermore, these signs of dyslexia in children may be very subtle in some and may not appear right away in their education. Some signs of dyslexia in young children include:

  • Difficulty remembering nursery rhymes

  • Unable to recognize letter in their own name

  • No sense understanding rhyming patterns

  • Other difficulties surrounding remembering the alphabet

    And in older children include:

  • Very slow acquisition of reading skills

  • Avoidance of reading out loud

  • Has trouble thinking of the right word to use when speaking

  • Confuses words that sound or look alike

  • Messy handwriting

  • Poor spelling

Keep in mind, there are more signs of dyslexia that are not listed here, but these are the common ones to look for. Noticing signs of dyslexia in children is the first step, however read on to discover what to do next.

What To Do After Discovering Signs of Dyslexia in Children

After you have noticed possible signs of dyslexia in your child, you should take them to a dyslexia specialist for a proper screening. Reading with Results offers two levels of dyslexia screenings to get a more in depth idea of your child’s dyslexia.

Furthermore, screenings such as these give specialists and parents an idea of what actions to take after dyslexia in your child is confirmed. Some of these actions include:

  • Tutoring recommendations

  • Classroom accommodations

  • Written detailed report of weaknesses and solutions to weaknesses

  • Much more

All in all, the best thing to do once signs of dyslexia in children are noticed is to go immediately to a dyslexia specialist. These experts in the field can fast-track the treatment process for your child and make everything easier.

Dyslexia Tutoring | Chester County, PA

So what is dyslexia tutoring? Dyslexia tutoring is not just one style of tutoring, rather it is many styles of learning combined.

Additionally, these styles of tutoring are all composed of methods that are designed to ensure your child’s reading success. These methods are time-tested, research backed, and developed with children in mind.

Furthermore, Reading with Results in Chester County utilizes the Orton-Gillingham, and the Barton System, to achieve success in student performance. Reading with Results has found these methods of reading tutoring to be extremely effective in children.

Start Your Child’s Reading Journey

Like mentioned above, noticing the signs of dyslexia in children may be difficult but hopefully after reading this, you have a better grasp on it. Taking the steps necessary to help your child with their reading and writing needs is crucial for their development.

Furthermore, the benefits of hiring a reading tutor, such as the ones at Reading with Results in Chester County, are endless. There is nothing more important than giving your child the tools and resources necessary to succeed in school and life.

Any questions about signs of dyslexia in children or Reading with Results in Chester County, PA? Please contact us by hitting the button below!


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