Why Summer Tutoring for Dyslexia Works

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Tutoring

Kids often hear the two words “summer tutoring” and want nothing to do with it, but there are 3 reasons why summer tutoring for Dyslexia works

Reading With Results is committed to helping students of all ages conquer their Dyslexia in and out of the classroom. 

Summer tutoring provides many benefits including:

  • Developing new techniques

  • Accomplishing more

  • Gaining confidence when full attention is applied

Who doesn’t want their child to succeed? Dyslexia is difficult to deal with, and kids feel like it holds them back from doing well in life. That no longer needs to be the case with summer tutoring.

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Reason 1: Develop Strategies and Techniques

Help your child get ahead when they work to develop new strategies and techniques to apply in the upcoming school year.

Yes, it is summertime– a time for vacations and fun, but this is also the prime time for tutoring. Summer tutoring ensures that children stay proactive and do not forget what they learned in the last school year.

Kids stay refreshed and feel ready when classes roll back around. That way, there is no need for teachers to play “catch up.”

Our program offers reading and writing tools and resources. 

Reason 2: Accomplish More

More time in the summer means more time to accomplish activities your child needs to improve in their education.

Our one on one tutoring sessions ensure your child is the center of attention. Contrastingly, big classrooms can be daunting and contribute to further struggling with Dyslexia.

One on one allows students to focus more, which in turn leads to more accompaniments over time in their learning. 

A major start of the program is decoding, which means sounding out words. Dyslexic students gain a better understanding of what a word looks and sounds like with this method. 

Additionally, summer tutoring keeps their attention in more ways than one.

Reason 3: Apply Full Attention

To reiterate, because students are no in school, they are able to apply their full attention to tutoring. This is due to the fact that tutoring is the only education thing they are focused on.

During school, they attend multiple classes and keep up with a variety of homework and the like.

Our summer tutoring sessions would be their only source of learning. Thus, this enables them to concentrate and absorb more potent information.

Over time, we see children learning with Dyslexia become:

  • More enthusiastic

  • Less stressed 

  • Less Irritated

When they know that they can read and write with confidence. Our specifically designed programs enable them to realize their full potential!

Reading With Results Offers Summer Tutoring for Dyslexia

Watch your child flourish when they realize that summer tutoring for Dyslexia actually helps them succeed.

Overall, we teach them strategies and techniques they can apply anywhere. In turn, they accomplish more in school because they are able to focus their full attention on tutoring. 

Summer is not only for fun, but also the chance to grow.

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