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by | Feb 13, 2023 | Tutoring

Reading comprehension is a skill that many children struggle with, regardless of if they live with dyslexia or not. Basic reading comprehension is a foundational skill that allows us to take bigger strides when we’re reading, learning more about more complex topics. 

Reading comprehension tutoring at Reading With Results will provide your student with the resources they need to better understand what they’re reading. This can come to fruition in a few different ways. Keep reading to find out how!

Reading Comprehension Tutoring Focuses on Students

Our reading comprehension tutoring program focuses directly on interactions with our students, rather than lectures. Our hands-on approach enables students to participate in active learning instead of passive learning. This method is sure to hold our students’ engagement and attention, while teaching them valuable skills along the way.

Whether your student in reading comprehension tutoring is in-person or online, our approach is entirely student centered. Your child’s education always comes first, the method in which they’re learning does not take away from what we strive to do.

In addition to a student centric approach, we believe that every student learns a little differently. That’s why we tailor our reading comprehension tutoring to each student. Whether they’re struggling with sounding words out, spelling, or a plethora of other difficulties, you can be sure that their weak points are going to be addressed at Reading With Results.

The Benefits of Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Whatever your student struggles with, there are underlying benefits that help in every aspect of reading and writing when you take on reading comprehension tutoring. Typically, reading comprehension struggles stem from conditions like ADD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. Luckily, we’ve had success in helping students with all of these conditions, and more.

When a student enrolls in reading comprehension tutoring, the skills they learn and apply to their everyday life can make it easier for them to function and give them some much deserved help on their school work!

Here at Reading With Results, we aim to make our students’ lives better. We follow the guidelines of the Institute of Excellence in Writing Curriculum to ensure that our students are getting the best education possible. Our key goals are to:

  • Be Enjoyable for Students
  • Be flexible and applicable to students in various aptitudes
  • Be a lifelong investment for our students and young children
  • Be Risk-Free and ultimately life changing

With all of this information in mind, you can be sure that you’ll get only the best quality reading comprehension tutoring at Reading With Results.

Contact Reading With Results

Reading comprehension is a pillar of learning for both adults and children, make sure yours are adequately prepared. If your child or student suffers with understanding what they’re reading, reading comprehension tutoring might be for you. 

Help make learning and reading fun for your child again, with reading comprehension tutoring. Contact Reading With Results today to get started!


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