What Is A Speech Therapist?

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Tutoring

If your child struggles with a speech or language disorder, they can have an extremely hard time expressing themselves and communicating with the world, even with those they are close with. A speech therapist is the right way to help your child learn techniques that will help them be able to communicate for the rest of their lives. 

Seeing your child struggle with reading, writing, and speech can be a difficult thing to endure. Luckily, here at Reading With Results, we have proven methods and strategies that will help your children achieve life-long results. 

How do these techniques work? Keep reading to find out!

A Speech Therapist Builds Communication Skills

To put it simply, a speech therapist is a licensed, accredited professional who specializes in dealing with speech disorders, language disorders, social communication disorders, or cognitive-communication disorders. Here at Reading With Results, our main focuses are speech disorders, language disorders, and social communication disorders.

Communication is key to developing relationships in life, and without proper communication skills, your child may find it harder to develop those relationships. That’s why at Reading With Results, we build and perfect the foundational pieces of communication. This way, your child can take those foundational skills and apply them to whatever they may struggle with in the future.

Foundational communication skills are only part of what a speech therapist deals with here at Reading With Results. In fact, we offer several in-depth approaches to specific struggles. 

A Speech Therapist Tailors Their Plan

Here at Reading With Results, we realize that everybody is different. That’s why when your child is working with a speech therapist, we tailor our lesson plans to their individual needs and goals.

Our teaching style is designed to help our students progress as quickly as possible, while going as slow as they need. Whether you’re looking for in-person tutoring or a virtual session from the comfort of your own home, our time-proven method stays the same. 

While we tailor each lesson plan to each student, some of the most common disorders we treat are:

  • Receptive & Expressive Language Delays/Disorders
    • Limited Words or Vocabulary
    • Difficulty Following Directions
    • Trouble Asking/Answering Questions
  • Articulation & Phonological Delays/Disorders
    • Speech that is difficult to understand
    • Difficulty saying certain sounds
    • Leaving sounds off of words
  • Social Thinking & Pragmatic Cues
    • Difficulty following social cues
    • Trouble changing language according to the situation
    • Challenges following rules for storytelling or conversation

No matter what your child may be struggling with, a speech therapist can help them achieve long-lasting progress that will stay with them forever.

Contact Reading With Results Today!

Accepting that your child may need to work with a speech therapist can be a difficult thing to realize. However, once the tutoring starts, you’ll be glad you did it. With a firm grasp on the basics of communication and speech, your child will have the tools that they need to succeed for the rest of their lives.

No matter what issues your child is struggling with, a speech therapist can help. So don’t wait! To get started, contact Reading With Results today!


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