Dyslexia Screening for Young Children

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Dyslexia

At Reading With Results, we provide a complete guide on dyslexia screening for young children. If you’re a concerned parent or guardian, you’ve taken the first step towards ensuring your child’s success in school and beyond.

Finding and helping dyslexia early is important. Dyslexia is a common learning difference that can affect how a child reads and writes. Keep reading to learn the essential information you need to understand the importance of early testing and how to proceed.

Why Screen for Dyslexia Early?

Dyslexia is a brain disorder that affects a child’s ability to read, write, and spell accurately. However, with the right support, children with dyslexia can thrive at school and in their personal lives. Early testing allows for early intervention, giving your child a head start in overcoming potential challenges.

Children with dyslexia may struggle in school without proper support. Early detection and intervention can help them develop essential reading and writing skills, leading to improved academic performance and confidence.

Untreated dyslexia can erode a child’s self-esteem as they may feel frustrated and inadequate when compared to their peers. Early identification and intervention help build self-confidence and resilience.

Testing for dyslexia allows educators to tailor their teaching methods to your child’s specific needs. Individualized support can make a significant difference in your child’s educational journey.

How to Set Up Dyslexia Screening for Young Children

Start by scheduling an appointment with your child’s doctor. Discuss your concerns and request a referral to a specialist in learning differences, or us here at Reading With Results. We can provide guidance on the testing process and recommend appropriate specialists.

Once you have a referral, your child will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a team of specialists. This assessment may include:

  • Educational Assessment: This evaluates your child’s reading, writing, and spelling skills.
  • Psychological Assessment: This assesses cognitive abilities, memory, and processing speed.
  • Language Assessment: An evaluation of language skills, including sound understanding and comprehension.

Share the assessment results with your child’s school. Collaborate with teachers and special education professionals to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) tailored to your child’s needs.

Based on the evaluation results, your child may receive targeted interventions, such as specialized reading instruction, speech therapy, or assistive technology. Early intervention is key to helping your child reach their full potential. Thankfully, that’s what we offer here at Reading With Results.


Testing for dyslexia early in your child’s life is a crucial step in ensuring their success and well-being. Dyslexia doesn’t determine your child’s smarts or future success; with help, they can do well in school and life. By taking proactive steps, you’re giving your child the best chance to overcome challenges and thrive.

If you have concerns about your child’s reading and writing abilities, don’t hesitate to take action. Contact us to start your child on the path to success today.


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